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AC Cooling Fan

  • Model No.:A8038M
  • Made in:Taiwan
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  • Type:Fan
  • Use:Cooling

Key Features

*Housing: Die-Cast Aluminum, Painted Black *Impeller: Thermoplastic PBT, UL94V-0 *Bearing: Sleeve or Ball *Termination: Terminals or Lead Wire *Dielectric Strength: 1,500 VAC for 1 minute *Insulaiton: Class B *Insulation Resistance: 100,000 Ohms min. @ 500 VDC *Operating Temperature: -10oC to + 70oC for Sleeve Type -20oC to + 80oC for Ball Type *Safety: Impedance Protected *Please refer to : www.activa.com.tw/a8038m.htm,

Power Supply Units
Measuring Instruments
Electronic Switch Systems
Automatic Vending Machines
Air-conditioning & Heating Apparatus
Computers(CPU, Peripheral & Terminal Equipment)
Medical Equipment
Acoustic Equipment
Flight Instrumentation
Numerical Control(NC)Units
Data Communications Terminal Equipment
Office Machinery Appliances & Copying Machines

Additional Special Function:
1.The output of 3rd wire Signal-Rotation Detector Function:
Suffix basic part number with “-RD” or “RRD” for Rotation Detector Function.
2.The output of 3rd wire Signal-Frequency Generator Function:
Suffix basic part number with “-FG” for Frequency Generator Function. 
3.The output of 3rd wire Signal- PWM Control (Pulse Width Modulation) 
Function: Controls the fan speed automatically via an external input signal.
4.Suffix basic part number with“-PWM”for F PWM Control Function.

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